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Unique Life Sciences (P) Ltd

Our company, Unique Life Sciences (P) Ltd is totally committed and oriented towards our tagline, 'Understanding the Pulse of Life' and this is the reason, we endeavour not only to achieve the prevailing quality standards but also do our best in raising those standards for a happier and disease free world. We follow a unique approach for developing novel scientific solutions which help in improving the quality of life of each and every patient. We aspire to provide a healthier life by formulating and developing medicines and also delivering the affordable as well as accessible medicines which thoroughly satisfies the medical needs of the individuals.

Why Unique Life Sciences?

Why should you choose Unique Life Sciences ?


Our company is dedicated towards development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products which not only guarantee quality, but also safety for the health of the customer.

Environmental Health and Safety

We ensure responsible manufacturing practices after undertaking a number of meticulous studies so that no harm is done to the environment and it remains safe for the fellow humans.

Trademark protected

We offer a wide range of trademark protected brands in various categories such as injectables, liquids, sachets, soft gel, dry syrup, gelatin capsules, ointments and other tablets.


Research and Development is an essential part of our Business strategy and provides us with an edge over our competitors. We strongly believe in the power of innovation and how best we can bring out innovation for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry.

Manufacturing competency

We have an efficient manufacturing infrastructure and with the availability of the state-of-the-art technology and equipment and our team of dedicated professionals, each and every product that rolls out is an epitome of excellence manufactured under the medical guidelines.

Our Team

We have a team of pharmaceutical professionals who bring to table not only their wisdom but also their vast experience in the pharma industry.

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